We've helped thousands of people identify their ideal career fit and successfully navigate through all aspects of a job search campaign.  We work with individuals and companies across the U.S.  using an exclusive strengths-based job search formula to help people confidently and successfully land in their next job.

Our Philosophy…

Employees at every level deserve access to career transition services not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s a smart business move for employers…

Often times outplacement is available only to managers and executives. To lower the cost, many providers have shifted to a self-service model that offers minimal individual support and pushes candidates into a one-size fits-all approach using webinars and other internet-based resources.

The one certain thing we’ve learned in working with thousands of job seekers is... personal service is what they need the most. They need a live person to talk with about their career goals, aspirations and challenges. Someone to encourage them through the challenging realities of job transition, to believe in them and give them confidence to make their next career move. No website can be a substitute for this critical part of the transition process.

Providing outplacement services is a smart decision for companies because it:

  • Protects your employer brand & reputation
  • Mitigates the risk of litigation
  • Provides an opportunity to do the right thing for your valued employees

How We’re Different…

We make career transition services affordable and available to people at every level in the organization whether they’re on the production floor or in the executive suite. Our success formula uses a project management approach blended with our exclusive strengths-based job transition blueprint

Our Approach…

We use a responsive, 4-step process that’s customized to meet the need of each candidate. Executives need different tools and require a different approach than front line managers and  individual contributors....

Some people know exactly where they’re going and simply need to market themselves effectively through their resume, social media and interviewing skills. Other people are considering a change and need to define what that means for them – sometimes it’s simply a change in industry and other times it may be a complete career shift (research shows that 70% of all employees are looking for a change).

Whatever the scenario, we create a transition plan customized for each candidate.

    Cornerstone helps companies transition displaced employees to fulfilling work opportunities through generous 1:1 coaching              support and cutting edge tools and resources. We work with companies of all sizes, across all industries.

Cornerstone Consulting